Computer Programmers and web developers work with users and other professionals to create applications that enhance a business’s ability to operate efficiently and competitively. Software applications may be designed for the desktop, local area network (LAN), the internet, or a combination of all three platforms. The knowledgeable programmer will learn a variety of programming languages and development tools in order to meet the diverse needs of businesses as well as expand their career opportunities.

This curriculum provides in-depth training in object oriented programming languages such as Java and C#. Markup languages such as HTML, XHTML, and XML are used in Web-based applications. SQL is used to interface with relational databases in both Windows and Web-based applications. Both client-side and server-side web programming concepts are emphasized throughout the curriculum. Entry level training in operating systems and networking also enhances the programmer’s abilities.

This short 4 day course is designed to help more of the students get off to a better start each semester with organization, managing files, sharing files, and viewing the machine as a tool, etc.  This will be a short series of lessons with assessment to evaluate the ability of students to consistently manage their work and keep their computers cleaned up and operating efficiently.